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ASLab Research Seminars

Research seminars focus around a concrete topic of current research. Typically, there will be one or more speakers and some scientific discussion after the presentations.

Now we have two seminar threads: one focused on real technology to implement sophisticated control systems (EIS) and the other one focused on cognitive science issues in the frontier between technology, science an philosophy (SMM).

Seminar on Minds and Machines

SMM (the ASLab Seminar on Minds and Machines) is a series of seminars organised around hot topics of interest in the convergence of minds and machines.

The typical structure of an SMM event is three-parted:

  • A brief introductory description of the topic
  • Presentations by speakers
  • Discussion on the topic

Seminar on Embedded Intelligent Systems

EIS (the ASLab Seminar on Embedded Intelligent Systems) is a series of hands-on seminars organised around hot topics of interest in the convergence of software engineering and embedded control.

The typical structure of an EIS event is three-parted:

  • A brief tutorial on the topic
  • Experimentation with the topic

List of seminars:

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10/12/13 Robustness and Resilience
21/03/12 OMG SysML for Autonomous Systems
21/03/12 Una metodología de ingeniería de sistemas intensivos en software
21/03/12 Adaptation Mechanisms Based on Perception
16/02/12 The Morphofunctional Approach to Emotion
17/10/08 Reverse engineering brains
17/10/08 Toward a quantitative framework for networked embodied cognition
17/10/08 Research on Networked Robot Systems at ISR/IST
17/10/08 Model-based Self-Awareness for Autonomy
26/02/08 Dimensionality reduction and Neural Nets
26/02/08 Mental Life
26/02/08 Aspects of Mind
06/03/07 The Quest for Unified Cognitive Architectures
06/03/07 Machine Understanding of Space
13/11/06 ASLab Autumn Seminar
21/09/06 Polynomial control: past, present and future
21/06/06 Products that are Processes
08/05/06 A Platform for process modeling, diagnosis and reconfiguration
21/03/06 Models and Control
21/03/06 Epistemology, knowledge and action
25/01/06 Construyendo la Máquina Consciente
24/01/06 Searle's Chinese Room
23/01/06 Componentes Software Empotrados
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  • AFT Events  ( 1 items )

    AFT (the ASLab Film Track) is a series of debates organised around hot topics of interest in the convergence of minds and machines.

    The theme perception is usually catalised by the visualisation of recommended sci-fi movies that provide particular, usually outrageous, points of view.

    The typical structure of an AFT event is three-parted:

    • A brief introductory positioning by an agent provocateur
    • Visualisation of the movie
    • Discussion on the topic

  • Courses  ( 3 items )
    We organise crash courses around concrete topics of professional/research nature.

    Some of the courses that we have organised in the past focused on:

    • C/C++ Programming
    • CORBA Programming
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Linux Administration
    • Unified Modeling Language (UML)

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